Now we offer low level driver for the new Cologne Chip HFC-4S/8S chip series. Our extended module based low-layer API architecture is now capable to drive more  than one HFC-E1 / HFC-4S / HFC-8S chip simultaneously.

Support of the new Cologne Chip HFC-E1 chip . With our new low-layer API architecture all features of the new chip series are covered. In addition to interrupt driven modes with the full RAM configuration, the low level driver can work with the internal RAM in polling mode.

For mbb-gelma GmbH we developed a NDIS driver for a HFC-Mini ISDN board that is running under Windows CE. These boards were connected to a PCI card with 16 HFC-S Mini chips. For this PCI card we programmed a NDIS driver that offered a Ethernet emulation to masquerade the ISDN connection.